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The Humane Spectrum Proposes Normal Does Exist Just Not in Psychology

Evidence that human development and evolution can be on the same path.

Measurement of an intelligent symbiotic connection to our true compass.

Understanding our navigational abilities has always been fundamental because it solves our existential problem of the distance between science and human evolution.”
— Ernie L Vecchio

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 / -- Humanity is not in trouble because people do not know how to solve their problems. The culture has shifted away from a consensus of an agreed upon ethical view of the human experience. Ernie L. Vecchio author and trauma psychologist proposes that our ethic holds a common theme for ‘normal’ and is context specific to human beings. While there are alternative terms for normality such as common, frequent, habitual, usual, and typical, Vecchio suggests people are ignoring congruence. A term that captures our internal state and gets mirrored to us in the external world. On his Humane Spectrum two dimensions are said to be congruent when they superimpose each on the other. Abnormality, which is the study of psychology, is incongruence between the two. His work with trauma reveals that because congruence exists, so too does normal. Psychology or mental health cannot acknowledge this as it is the science of identifying abnormality. Interested media and mental health influencers are encouraged to inquire.

Vecchio states: “Science, technology, and medicine surpassed our personal development a long time ago. Disenchanted and overwhelmed with life as it is, people unknowingly fell behind in their emotional development at the expense of life as intended.” He notes that understanding our unconscious motivations used to be the gold standard for self-understanding. Unfortunately, the culture is using cognitive restructuring instead of introspection. He continues, “Viewing human beings as robots, algorithms have replaced meaning and purpose with dopamine and fame. He states, “Imagine there are generations of people who have forgotten that everyone must trek the yellow brick road if they are to learn, grow, or come home to themselves. In fact, the route home is available developmentally four times: adolescence, young adult, midlife, and old age.” He suggests that today people are waiting for random chance (or a traumatic event) before they choose a single journey to see behind their ego’s veil.

Decades ago, experts suggested that people could not grow with our cultural advancements as they were only using a small portion of their brain. It has become clear today that the small portion they were referring was our left hemisphere and home to the human ego. By 1991, the culture wired the entire planet (like a brain) by advancing the internet. But, just years before this wiring was complete, experts offered the notion that people were now failing to become whole-brained. This proposed that the more our left-right hemispheres became aligned the better our mind, body, spirit health. It is the right hemisphere that houses our creative and spiritual abilities and naturally seeks an ethical context. Meanwhile the left hemisphere is linear, analytical, and known for its rigidity. The problem of course is while the entire planet connected via the internet, it out-paced our ego driven left hemisphere at the expense of holistic evolution. Those who failed to look inward barely saw it coming. Enter targeted algorithms and the vulnerable left hemisphere dopa-mined people asleep. Understanding our navigational abilities has always been fundamental because it solves our existential problem of the distance between science and human evolution.

To complicate this ‘science and human evolution gap’ problem further, experts now say people have two additional brains – their heart and gut. Ernie L Vecchio’s Humane Spectrum reveals that all three brains have a symbiotic relationship (versus opposing) and want nothing more than for us to be our fullest expressed self. Until now, the problem was that human beings lacked a context to merge this inner intelligence. Ironically, while the planet became wired for wholeness, people remained divided. Though the heart is our true compass, individuals continue to install the human ego as their default guide. As confusion spread, the symbiotic common theme of the human condition got lost. Ernie L. Vecchio a trauma psychologist wants you to know there is hope. He has authored the Humane Spectrum, a measurement of all three brains, not opposing the other but instead offering perspective for an integrated normality in mind-body-spirit health. No stigma, only process, context, and understanding. Vecchio is announcing his availability to large media platforms encouraging them to inquire about his discoveries, a take on the human condition that is long overdue.

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